Sunday, April 20, 2014

FREE Poetry Gift #3

This has been a fun week of sharing and celebrating!  Today's poetry gift #3 is a Fibonacci poem.  This poetry form focuses on syllable-counting and also gives you a chance to have students work with one of the most famous mathematical patterns; the Fibonacci Sequence.

Students will write an 8-line poem containing the same amount of syllables as in the Fibonacci sequence.  The topic of choice is up to students but this poem gives students the opportunity to reinforce syllable counting and get some math patterning snuck in as well!  Three pages of PDF directions, an example, and a student worksheet are included.

Be sure to get the two FREEBIES from the past two days!     

In celebration of my TpT Milestone achievement, everything literacy-related in my store is 20% off until April 23!   Enjoy!


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