Tuesday, April 22, 2014

FREE Poetry Gift #5

Today is the last day of the FREE poetry gifts!  I hope you're enjoying the fun of writing poetry with your students.  Thanks for helping me celebrate my TpT Milestone achievement.
Today's Landmark Poem poetry gift #5 is the perfect compliment to your social studies unit about landmarks, national parks, state or country reports, or other geographical studies.  The format is similar to the animal riddle poem in that students will give clues about the landmark's details, location, climate, nearest body of water, city, and continent.  If clues are descriptively written, you should be able to guess the landmark. I love sneaking poetry into just about any subject!

Today is the last day of the poetry FREEBIES so be sure that you've downloaded all five while they're still free on TpT!
 Poetry Gift #1          Poetry Gift #2          Poetry Gift #3          Poetry Gift #4

Today is also the last day of the BIG 20% all things LITERACY in my TpT Store!

Enjoy and thanks a ton for your support and following!


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