Saturday, April 19, 2014

I've Achieved a TpT Milestone! That Means 5 Poetry Freebies for YOU!

I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow, April 20th, I'll  be featured on TpT as a milestone achiever!  You know what the means right?? ;) Freebies and a sale!  I'm SO EXCITED and want to thank all of you for your support!  I have decided to throw a milestone celebration to thank all of you!  I am offering 5 days of Poetry FREEBIES perfect for grades 3-5 from April 19-23 as well as 20% off all things literacy in my TpT store starting tomorrow and ending on April 23rd!!  Be sure to grab the freebies while you can as they are only free during milestone celebration week.

To get you excited and ready for the sale and freebies, I am releasing my day one of Poetry Freebies early!!  Lucky you!!

Day 1 ~ Today's poetry FREEBIE is an animal riddle poem.  This set includes direction sheets, example poem, and a student worksheet.  Animal riddle poems are perfect to go with your science and habitat studies.  Students will write clues in riddle style to describe the characteristics of an animal or creature. If the clues are descriptive enough, classmates will be able to guess the animal!  These are fun and students eagerly write their clues.

And Don't forget . . . ALL Literacy items in my store will be 20% off from April 20-23!

Thank you for your support and enjoy the FREEBIES! 


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