Monday, April 28, 2014

Phone Pattern Fun

Finding patterns is the sign of a mathematician that can't shut off her mind!  It seems like every time I pull out my phone and check for email I see ANOTHER pattern.  Here's a few I snapped at just the right moment.  Crazy!
What pattern is shown above?  What is the next in the sequence? 
That' our beautiful Golden retriever as my screen saver.  :)

How about this pattern?   What would the next five patterns be?

How about this pattern?  What other clock patterns can you find that are similar?
That's our beautiful Oregon Coast in April by the way.  :)

What's this pattern?  What are the next five in the sequence?

Here's anther one!  When will the patterns end?

Explore patterns and have fun with them and by all means, find the math in everything you do!


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