Saturday, April 5, 2014

Teach the Language of Math Vocabulary With a Daily Dose of Math!

What would the Math Doctor say about your students' math vocabulary skills?

Change up how you teach math vocabulary with Dr. Mathematica's "Daily Prescription" that you choose!

Understanding the vocabulary of math helps build that confidence. We should not  assume that students know the math vocabulary needed during math.   We need to strategically teach the crucial terms of math vocabulary.

3rd Grade Daily Dose of Geometry
I developed the Daily Dose of Math Vocabulary PowerPoint slides and poster sets to give students an opportunity to work with math vocab each day.  Doctor Mathematica prescribed the Daily Dose  {I LOVE having fun and laughing with my students} and students eagerly dig in and take their "dose" of math.   :)

4th Grade Daily Dose of Geometry
The PPT slideshow sets include each math vocab word with a kid-friendly definition and a visual and/or example.  Also included are word wall posters designed to be extremely readable from way across the room.  My students refer to all the time.  To give a hint to a struggling student, I just turn my head and look at the poster and voila - students are learning to help themselves!

5th Grade Daily Dose of Geometry
Each slideshow set also includes ABCs of Math booklet with recording pages.  The "Daily "Dose" requires students to write the word, the definition in their own words, and draw a sketch of the word and give an example of how it's used in real life.  See it ... do it... write about it... learn it.

I created slideshow and poster sets for each of the math domains aligned with each grade level's CCSS-M standards.  Check it out and maybe your students will benefit from a daily dose of math.  

Warning!  Math may cause a great attitude and improvement of skills!   ;)

Head over to Ideas by Jivey to see who else is linking up their geometry ideas.  Happy teaching! :)


  1. Hey there Mrs. Renz... very colorful Dr. Mathematica vocab!! Great name and great way to spark engagement!! We just spent 2 jam packed geometry weeks! Nice to meet you!


    1. Hey Susan! Nice to meet you, too! Thanks for the nice comment. I am your new blog follower!
      Mrs. Renz' Class

  2. Your blog is adorable! The colors make me want to just stare for a while... :-P Thanks for linking up! I hope you'll come back and share more so I can stare at your blog some more! :o) Hee hee!


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