Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Now THAT'S Real Writing!

Teachers strive to help their students become great writers.  Last night the Oregon State Beavers played and lost their final season game 4-2 against UC-Irvine in the 2014 NCAA Baseball Championships, Corvallis Regional.  The Beavers' top ranking season is over and dreams to play at Omaha are dashed.  Players graduate, never to play on the grass at Goss Stadium ever again.  What has this got to do with writing?  {Keep reading!}

I 'm an Oregon State alumni and huge Beavers fan.  AS a matter of fact, I met my husband there, and our daughter also graduated from OSU last June.  She said, "Mom, you have to read this post . . . and read it all the way to the end."  I am SO glad I did and I encourage you to read it, also.  {Keep reading!}

The story written by Jason Quick for Oregon Live is a must-read.  I mean it; read it all the way to the end, even if you aren't a fan of baseball.  Seriously!  As I read the article with tears streaming down my face, I thought, this piece of writing should be used to instruct students about what great writing sounds like and what a writer's "voice" should sound like.  {Keep reading!}

After reading this piece, I felt compelled to email the journalist and tell him what I thought.  Wow.  His work is inspiring and moving.  {Keep reading!}

No more teasers for you!  Click below to read the article.  Teachers, how will YOU use Jason Quick's words to inspire your students?  {Keep reading!}


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