Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back to School FREEBIE!

I love back to school time!  It's a time for new beginnings and fresh starts for your students and you, too.  The energy in the school is electric and enthusiasm is contagious.  Nervous energy fuels your students and maybe you, too.  Welcome back to the best and most important profession there is!  You might be nervous but I guarantee that your new students are even more nervous to meet you and to fit into a new peer group.  The first weeks of school are crucial team building and community building times.  During the first week of school the priority is setting routines and establishing a safe culture in your classroom.  Don't rush!
Grab the Freebie!
I created a FREEBIE for grades 3-5 that's simple and may be a welcome sight for your students.  Coming into the room students may be shy, and nervous. Finding a simple word search puzzle on their desk brings a sense of comfort and predictability at a time when things may not be so.  An answer key is included so students can check their own work and for your fast finishers, there's a challenge to alphabetize the words in the puzzle on the back of the paper.   :)

Enjoy your new students and welcome back!


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