Sunday, July 20, 2014

Math Tip: Back to School Get to Know You/Create a Graph

Are you worried about how to start off the school year?  Are you in need of some great ideas to get students engaged during those crazy first few days where it seems like you get nothing done?  Do you need get to know you unit with math skills incorporated?  Look no further!

During the first few weeks of school, I LOVE to use this data analysis unit to sneak in lots of math skills as my fourth graders get to know each other.  Students choose a survey question, survey their classmates and use their math skills to create a visual to show their results.  We study mean, median, mode, minimum, maximum and range.  You can tell who knows their addition facts quickly and who needs work as they add up the data and determine the mean.  Students also use my math webpage to play games related to the topic we're studying like mean, median, mode, minimum, maxium, and range and also graphing.

This set has 11 lessons, 8 pages of student handouts with answer keys, vocabulary posters, an assessment, and 3 SMART Board lessons. The best part, is . . . you'll have a very personalized Open House display that your students are proud of!  Below are a few full size previews that are included within the set.

"Create a Graph" is an online graphing website made by NCES (National Center for Education Statistics).  This site is perfect for use on a SMART Board with the "3 Weeks of Data Analysis Lessons & Graphing Project".  Students can input their data and print or save their graphs for use in other projects.  My fourth graders loved using this site to make graphs of the data they collected.  The site allows you to choose the style of graph, input your data and choose the colors used in the graph, and change the labels.  It's a totally custom graph just for you or your students!
I made a sample pie graph using the topic, what is your favorite holiday?  Entering your own data, the graph can look like this:
Enjoy everything math and graphing!


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