Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Math Tip: Skater Math

Today's math tip is an online multiplication game called Skater Math.  It's perfect for use on a SMART Board but students LOVE playing it on a computer.  They love it because it makes them think fast and they think they are getting away with playing games at school (shhh don't tell them they are actually learning!)  Students time their answer so that when they click they can jump over objects as they practice multiplication skills (or addition, subtraction, and division).  The Multiplication Skater Math is also Common Core aligned for MP 6. Attend to Precision!  How awesome is that?!  You can find this game linked from my math web page for students, plus other web links for students.
Teacher Tip:  This game has an ad (kid friendly) that is 15 seconds long and has sound at the beginning.  You may want to silence the ad before playing the game or get it ready and pause the game before using it with students.

The HoodaMath website has lots of other math games to check out.  You can search by math grade level and skill as well.
Enjoy everything math!


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