Monday, July 7, 2014

Meet Me (Heather) Monday

Today I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for Meet Me Monday.  Since most of you are just now finding my blog, I thought this would be a great way for you all to get to know me a little bit better. I've been around the website world for for YEARS, but the blogging world is new (and FUN) to me.  I can't wait to meet more fellow bloggers!  

Favorite Childhood Thing:  I had a half Quarter Horse/half Arabian during my middle and high school years.  I loved every minute riding and spending time with Margie. 

My Name:  My parents named me for the Heather in the Scottish Highlands.  I love my name.  My dad is from Scotland and I’m a dual citizen!  My dad wrote stories of his life growing up in coastal Scotland and he posts them to his website, Scottish Heritage.  At age 70 something, I taught him how to make a website. He's one of my best students!   :)  Check out his website!
Worst Thing (that actually turned out awesome):  The year my daughter was in my 4/5 blend, 2000-2001 we studied the JASON Project, Hawaii Volcanos. We were learning about the underwater atmosphere created by the volcanos of Hawaii. The students researched all about the volcanos and underwater sea life and turned our classroom into an underwater scene.  It was the coolest thing ever!  We had blue cellophane strips hanging from the ceiling to represent waves and the windows gave our room a blue haze complete with an underwater volcano (which one day had erupted overnight and created chaos in the classroom).  Students also turned our floor to ceiling bulletin board into a rocky shelf with sea stars, mussels, crabs, sea urchins etc.  It really made learning come alive! The custodian was NOT HAPPY at all, but luckily I asked my principal ahead of time if it would be okay and she loved the idea. Needless to say, I helped the custodian clean all the blue paint out of the window cracks when we were finished.  Yikes!   It was STILL worth it!   My new thought:  It's easier to ask forgiveness that it is to as permission.   :D
Please excuse the image quality (technology 14
years ago wasn't quite what it is now  :) )
Fictional Character:  My camp name was Lorax when my 6th graders went to Outdoor School.  I love that the Lorax spoke for the trees, who had no voice.  I also love seeing creatures in their habitat, not the ones we create for them.  My favorite saying is, "Free the whales!"  For now, going to Universal Studios Seuss Land will have to suffice. 

My Siblings:  I’m the middle child with my brother two years older and my sister eight years younger.  My brother lives a few miles from me and my sister lives in the San Juan Islands with an incredible water view.

Favorite Breakfast:  We learned about Dutch Oven cooking at our local Sportsman's’ Show.  We cook in the Dutch oven on our back deck and also while we are camping in our camper.  There’s nothing like it!  We put hash browns on the bottom of the oven, then add sausage links, cheese, and pour scrambled eggs over the top.  The smell is amazing and the taste is ever better.


  1. Are you the Mrs. Renz who created the amazing Oregon Trail activities? I taught fourth grade 6 years ago, and my students loved that unit. I can't wait to see more of your resources. I am your newest follower.
    The Traveling Teacher

    1. Yes! That's me! I'm glad you found me in the blog world! I have a bunch of Oregon Trail projects and activities on TpT that are so fun! There's an OT simulation I wrote, a story project, and ABC book, quilt block fractions, and Dutch oven fraction lesson. I think they're awesome but I may be biased. ;) Check it out! Mrs. Renz Class

    2. That's very exciting! I now teach second grade, but I will definitely pass on your store information to my friends who teach fourth grade.

  2. The mountain man breakfast sounds amazing.

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. Hey Caitlyn! It IS, but it's so good you can only eat it once in awhile. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi, Heather! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Of course you can add me to your Great Blogs by Grade Level page. Good luck on your new journey in retirement. I'm sure it's weird around back to school time, not having to scramble and stock up.
    :) Sarah from Mrs. Jones Teaches

    1. Thanks, Sarah. Your blog is now my first 2nd grade blog. Thanks! :) This fall will be the first time since I was 5 not going back to school! THAT'S weird but I'm super excited to begin my new chapter in education.
      Happy summer!
      Heather :D

  4. Hi Heather, I love your blog! I've been a HUGE fan before I even began blogging myself. You truly are inspirational! I was hoping you might hop over to my blog and enter my giveaway! Thanks!!
    Teacher’s Lounge

    1. Hi Melanie!
      Thank you so much for the kind words. I just popped on over and entered your drawing. Congratulations on 300 followers! I am now following you on TpT as well as google+. I hope to meet you in Vegas this week if you're going!
      - Heather

  5. My grandfather loved finding out about his Scottish Heritage! My family are from Aberdeen and the Orkney Islands! I love the idea of painting the windows blue - but can see why the cleaners might not like that! Ah well - it looked good and the principal loved it too!
    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Alison! I have a cousin and his family in Aberdeen. Their younger daughter lives in Australia. It's that 6 degrees of separation at work! ;)

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog, Heather! What a coincidence that you would choose the name Holly. :) Your dad sounds awesome!! Wow.
    Your blog is amazing and I'm so glad I am following you now. Boy, I hope I am still so passionate and involved even after retirement. What an inspiration you are and I feel like I could ask you anything with your experience. I bet your team was so sad when you retired. :(
    Thank you for asking to place my blog on your page. I would love that! I hope to talk soon!
    Fourth Grade Flipper
    Can you send me an email at so I have your email? You are a no reply blogger.

    1. Hi Holly! Thanks for stopping by and for following me! I absolutely LOVE my profession and am having so much fun creating and sharing with other teachers. We all work WAY too hard not to share what works with kids! My email is


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