Monday, August 4, 2014

August: Currently Moving (Literally)

It's back to school time for many teachers and it's time to link up with this month's currently from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade.

LISTENING to the silence without TV or Internet.  First thing this morning, lucky us . . . we have no access to anything need a TV, cable, or Internet signal. So, what do I do with my morning?  I guess I'll sit on the deck and listen to the silence our living in the country and watch the horses graze.

LOVING the warmth of Oregon's summer days and our cool summer nights.  After visiting Las Vegas last month where it can stay into the 90's all night, I think I'll keep our place here in the high desert with temps in the 50's at night.

THINKING of how I'm going to get my daughter and myself checked in for our flight to Maine today with an Internet connection and to do last minute online bill paying.  Hmmm

WANTING things to go smoothy with my daughter's move to graduate school, new apartment, new roommates, and a new state.  We're so proud of Hill for  being accepted to University of New England's Physical Therapy Doctoral program.  :)

NEEDING to get back online!  Wow, it's crazy how our lives get so tied up with technology .  I'll be the first caller at 8 am when our cable company opens.

1ST DAY:   This is my first year  being retired and stepping out of the classroom.  I have to admit, it's super scary to give up the profession I've poured my heart and soul into tirelessly for the past 34 years. But, at the same time, it's kind of nice not having to gather up all the school supplies I can during the back to school sales.  This year, I'll be able to work at my own pace from where ever I want creating TpT teaching materials for other teachers.  Heck yes, I'll miss my students like crazy and also my teacher buddies.  Now I'll focus all that energy to help other teachers who are doing the most important profession on the planet!  Thank you for your dedication!  YOU make a difference in the life of a child.

P.S.  Our Internet is back on so I can finally get this published, get ourselves checked in for the flight and all those last minute things I have to do!   Life is GOOD!


  1. Good luck to you with retirement and good luck to your daughter in graduate school! Loved reading your Currently.. I'm glad your internet is back working! It's crazy how much you can't do without it.
    Countless Smart Cookies

    1. Hi Brooke! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just took a peek at your blog. It's super cute! Have a great new year! :)

  2. Congratulations to your daughter and good luck to you as you begin a new school year, retired! I'm sure it's a time of mixed emotions for you. Have fun - you've earned this time! :)


  3. Hi Heather, thanks for the comment! And congrats on your first First Day of School at HOME! That's awesome. Count me as your newest follower and have fun in Maine! Good luck traveling and enjoy the end of the summer :)

  4. Based on your words, I can see that teaching is more than a profession to you. It is also a vocation for you, as well as an endeavor of love. I hope more educators are like you in passion and spirit. Anyway, I know how hard it is to survive a day without internet connection, probably much more so if it is a week, just like when I had an out-of-country vacay. I hope everything goes well for your daughter's schooling. All the best!

    Jannette Britt @ T-Link


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