Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don't Miss the LAST CHANCE Back to Sale Aug. 20!

You might have heard that TpT is offering one last sponsored sale on Wed. August 20.  If you missed the last sale, you're in luck!  Our schools in Oregon head back usually after Labor Day, so the last sale caught many teachers still on vacation.  This upcoming sale is a great opportunity to pick up all the items on your wish lists. EVERYTHING from my store on sale for a total of 28% off when you use the code BOOST. Everything on TpT is at least 10% off and many sellers mark their items up to 20% off when TpT sponsors the sales.   I just know that when TpT sponsors a sale, that's when I stock up and buy great materials, fonts, clip art sets and more.
I'm linking up with Jivey to let you know what I bought at the last sale, what's on my wish list for the next sale, and what in my store that is a must-have item at the Back to School Boost - a Second Chance Sale in a few days.

One Item I Bought at the last BTS Sale:  I bough Erin Cobb's Interactive Notebook Templates.  I'm super excited to use these templates in some of my upcoming products!  Check out Erin's store, I'm Lovin' Lit.

One Item On My Wish List for the Second Chance Sale:  I am always searching for cute clip art so I have this cute set from Graphics from the Pond.  I might have a clip art addiction!  lol
What's In My Store That You Must Have:  I can't say enough about how I love my Word Masters program!  My 4th graders and their families loved it, too.  If you want a Greek & Latin word stems and roots program that helps students unlock the meaning of words, this set is for you!  Students will learn 100 word stems and roots.  You'll get 20 PowerPoint slideshows that introduce the words and students will do lots of activities to help them learn the stems and roots.  You'll get 20 word stem tests and a mid year and final test.  Check it out in my store and be sure to download the preview to see all of the pieces of this set.
Word Masters for Grades 4-8
I love a sale and I know you do, too, so don't miss this last BIG sale and remember to use the promo code BOOST.  I forgot to use the promo code during one of the sales!
Happy back to school!


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