Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saints Victory Freebie and Lovin' Lit!

Hey everyone!  I'm super excited to work with Erin from Lovin' Lit to offer you a great FREEBIE when the New Orleans Saints win their first game of the season!  Erin calls these freebies "Saints Victory Freebies."  These freebies are offered FREE FOR ONLY 1 HOUR UP TO 24 HOURS!  My freebie will be the FIRST of these exclusives to be offered from Erin's blog (big smile), so stay tuned!

For years, Erin has offered her followers these exclusive flash freebies after each Saints victory.  Like everything Erin does, she is going all out and teaming up with two different TpT sellers each week to give you not one, not two, but THREE FREEBIES each victory day!
Click to Get the FREEBIES (when the Saints win!)
To catch the freebies before they expire, watch Erin's blog and Erin's Facebook page and look for the posts within an hour of each Saints victory. I'll also keep you updated on my freebie on my Facebook page as well!

After the victory promotion is over, I will be posting my item to my TpT store, but it will be a paid item, so get it while it's FREE!  Go Saints!

Here's another Oregon / Louisiana connection... I'm an Oregon State University grad (so is my husband and daughter) and the OSU Beavers football team grad, Brandin Cooks #10 was drafted by the Saints!  Another reason to cheer on the Saints!  


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