Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Classroom Website is Back!

My classroom website is back and it's better than ever!  I reorganized my entire website be sure to check it out.

As a 4th grade teacher, I relied on my website to help me remember the great resources and webpages that I would use during my instruction.  As our daughter progressed through the grades, I'd find resources that helped her too.  My math webpage has resources from grades 2 all the way through high school!  Let's put it this way... if you printed that web page page, there would 39+ pages of single-spaced organized by topic math resources!

I started my classroom website in the year 2000 as a way to save those great websites I'd come across.  I organized them into a student section and created a teacher's file cabinet.  Really, it was a way for me to find my resources anywhere, anytime!  Over 2.2 million teachers and students have used my website with their students. Feel free to link to whatever pages you feel are helpful for you and your students.

The math center rotation was a student favorite every day.  Each of my four leveled groups had a specific website they were visited that reinforced what we'd just learned. Students thought they wre playing a games, but they were working hard doing focused and targeted specific skills that they needed.

I LOVE having a teacher website! Another student favorite web pages is my student sites by standard math web page.  Check it out.  I'll be sharing more of my favorites websites in the near future. website is NOT finished!  I'm revising and adding to it all the time so be sure to check back.  I still have lots of other resources to add.  Like all teachers, I need more hours in my day!


  1. I love classroom websites. As an educator, I find that those sites help to get students inspired about whatever they are learning. It doesn't matter how old or young they are. It gives them a sense of connection to something bigger than themselves. It's a new way to share ideas with people from all across the world who may happen on their own class website while searching the web.

    Regina Morales @ Sonic Response


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