Thursday, November 6, 2014

Great Books to Read: Math Curse

My goal is simple:  Hook students to reading by sharing great books!  Today's great book is one my favorite math books of all time, Math Curse by John Scieszka and Lane Smith.  The message in the book . . . look out!  You can find the math in everything!

This book is full of math wit and and there's so much going on, visually, that it's a student and teacher read-aloud favorite.   I always read Math Curse to my students during one of the first few weeks of the beginning of our school year in September.  My goal:  Students get to know me and that I love everything math.  It's a fun book to read aloud and use voices and intonation.  Students love the book and pour over the book's text, captions, and pictures.  The humor in the book is awesome! 

Reading Tip:  Perform the book as a Readers' Theater.  This book is great for encouraging students to read fluently.  Assign the book to a small group of students.  Let students choose which pages they will read aloud. Give them time to practice their pages, and when the group is ready, they will read the book aloud to the class, taking turns as needed.

Reading Tip:  Read to a buddy class.  Another idea is to read this book to a buddy class of younger students.  At my school we teamed up our 4th graders with 1st graders.  If you already do buddy classes, you know what I mean.  The younger students ADORE their older buddies and sit eagerly to listen to the story.  It makes for a great fluency practice with a purpose.

Math Tip:  Make your own math problems.  Have students come up with their own math word problems in similar style to the nook and and make answer keys.   Type these up, add the student name, and make a math center activity.  Have the student who created the problem be in charge of grading.

Math Curse.  Check it out! (Literally!)


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