Sunday, November 30, 2014

Improve Behavior with the Holiday Bonus Box & Holiday Grouch Box!

December is a great time to use fun and humor to help improve behaviors in a non-threatening way. The Holiday Bonus Box and Holiday Grouch Box is FUN and effective!

December is a great time to change up your behavior program and add some fun to your classroom. Who doesn't love drawing tickets out of a box?  Students love seeing the boxes up on the shelf waiting for drawing day.

How easy is this to get positive behavior and change started in your classroom?  SIMPLE!   Just take a big box and wrap it with wrapping paper.  A Costco sized cereal box works great.  The Holiday Bonus Box should have a really pretty red paper that's festive and the Grouch Box should be green and (in Grinch paper if you can find it).  Students can connect with the Grinch and his poor behaviors. The best part is when the Grinch (Grouch) warms his heart with kindness and love.

This program is designed to reward great work habits, behavior, and character traits and also to help students "un-do" grouchy or undesired behaviors by doing good deeds. And it's designed to get students laughing, smiling, and spreading holiday cheer throughout the school.

How does it work?  Let's say you want to recognize students for lining up quickly and quietly.  All you have to do during December is say, "Thanks for lining up so quickly and quietly, (name).  Please go draw a ticket from the Holiday Bonus Box."  You will notice immediate behavior change in your students!  Then wait for roars and cheers as the student reads his/her ticket aloud:  "Use the teacher's chair for the day."  Be a great sport and make go take the student's chair and trade chairs.  It's all in the spirit of fun.

When you notice students in need of some positive behavior change, the Grouch Box is all you need!  Here's an example:  Let's say a student says "shut up" to a classmate. Not nice and not respectful, right?  Right!  Just calmly say, "Gee, (name), that's kind of Grinchy/grouchy to use those words.  Maybe you could've said that in a nicer way."  Then say, "Please choose a ticket from the Grouch Box to un-do your grouchy deed."  The ticket that is drawn might say, "Oops! You had to draw from the Holiday Grouch Box!  Your 'prize' is to with the teacher of your choice and his/her class happy holidays!  P.S. You may ask a friend to help you.  Thanks for being a good sport."   That's just one of 80 Holiday Bonus Box and Grouch Box notes in the set.

Here's a few photos of the notes:
I've used this for years and years with tons of excitement and success that it makes December really fun.  If you want, you can use just the Holiday Bonus Box.  A few times I had to put the Grinch/Grouch Box away because students were doing things on purpose to get to draw from the box!  I want students to love being in my classroom and doing nice things for others, and the Grouch Box allows students the opportunity to turn a grouchy behavior into great behavior.

Students have so much fun with this program and everything you need to implement it right away is included.  The set is also editable using PowerPoint so you can type the names of your staff into the notes to let them in on the behavior improvement fun.  The set has 80 pre-printed messages designed to reward great work habits, behavior, and character traits and also to help students "un-do" grouchy or undesired behaviors by doing good deeds.  Better yet, you can use it every year!

Here's the link to see it in my TpT store.

Enjoy the holidays!


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