Saturday, November 1, 2014

Let's Eat a Colonial Meal with George Washington!

Are you teaching place value?  I just posted a really fun activity that takes students back to the days of George Washington that will reinforce the place value system in a really fun way and it's perfect to use at Thanksgiving time!
Students use a "real"menu from the restaurant, "Mount Vernon On the Potomac Restaurant" and order a meal with a first course, main course, sweets, and beverage.  Then the fun begins! Students must use Colonial British currency of the time (pence, shillings and pounds) to pay for their meals! Website links show students the real coins used during George Washington's day and there's online links to games that reinforce what you've just taught.  There are two coin trading equivalents worksheets and three meal order form choices.  It's perfect for a math center station.

This set is super fun to use for use right before Thanksgiving and really, anytime is good for this challenging open-ended week of lessons.  I designed this for grades 4-6.  After an initial lesson on trading 12 pence for 1 shilling and trading 20 shillings for 1 British pound, this would be a great math center activity.
I have this week of lessons on sale for the first three days and it's cheaper than a small latte!  I predict you'll love this week of fun and will use it year after year.   :)  Enjoy!


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