Friday, November 7, 2014

SMART (Board) Tip: Using the Infinite Cloning Tool

I love, love, love my SMART Board and can't imagine teaching without one!  It is naturally interactive for students and engages them naturally.  If you have a SMART Board, you know what I'm talking about.  If you don't have a SMART Board . . . try to get one in your classroom!  It'll be your new best teaching tool!

Here's today's SMART (Board) Tip:  Using the Infinite Cloning Tool
Using the infinite cloning tool is handy when you need to move a shape, word, or graphic and want the original copy to stay in place.   My math problem solving product, How Many Football Uniform Combinations Can Be Made? uses the cloning tool.  Students are asked to make all of the uniform combinations.  The SMART Board makes this task simple!  Students simply drag the jerseys and match them up with the pants and shoes to make all of the combinations.  It's fun and really gets the point across to students!  The PDF worksheets and answer keys are provided and so is the SMART Board file.
I hope this SMART Board tip was helpful.  Be sure to leave a comment and leave suggestions for tips you'd like to see here.  I'd love to help you learn how to maximize use of your SMART Board!  Enjoy!


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