Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Veterans Day FREE Resources for Teachers

It's time to draw our students' attention to Veteran's Day.  It is not just a day off school.  This is the time to honor our military men and women, past  present and future and teach important concepts.

Here are some great web resources that are free!  Keep scrolling!
This U.S Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Day Resource Guide has great material.  The teacher section gives lots of background and ideas for using this in the classroom.   The student resources include WWII History, the origins of Veterans Day, the Difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, America's Wars, Respecting the flag,folding the flag and more.  There's also a kid's packet that includes a puzzle, a play, maze game, coloring book.

This online poster is perfect for displaying on your projection screen to begin the discussion.

Here's 16 pages of  bordered FREE Veteran's Day writing paper designed for students of all ages with line spacing in various sizes.  There are also unlined page options in the free set.  This is great to use with any writing project you do to honor veterans.

This Holidays in the USA brochure is another online resource for using with kids.  Download the PDF and scroll to page 30 for Veterans Day information.

Here's another great resource from the Census Bureau that would be perfect to use to teach an activity that uses the numbers associated with Veteran's Day.

The History Channel has more great resources for Veterans Day.  After a brief commercial (mute it) there is a video explanation that is great for showing students.

Whatever you do, be sure to teach about Veterans Day.


  1. What a terrific compilation of resources!! Thanks, Heather!!

    1. Kathie, glad it's helpful! Check out my classroom website if you want LOTS of resources for teachers and students! Mrs. Renz Classroom Website Resources


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