Monday, February 23, 2015

Always Learn Something New!

I will always (thank goodness) be a learner!  I've always told my students that each day of their life they should strive to learn something new.  Education is a gift; not a given.  I've always been an inquirer, figuring out what I didn't know.  I'm a lot like my dad.  In Scotland, he was taught in school to ask "why" and be inquisitive. Over his 89 years, he's invented all kinds of things during his life.  He likes to think up better and more efficient ways to do things. It's like a challenge to him.  He inspires me.

Years ago (like really . . . years ago . .  in 2000) I wanted to be one of the first teachers to have a classroom website.  There were no classes I could take to teach me so I bought a web building program at Costco and taught myself during the summer.  In September, my students and their families were they lucky recipients of one of my districts first teacher web sites.

Another time I needed an Oregon Trail map for my Oregon Trail Simulation that was not copyrighted, so I drew my own map!  You might be surprised to know that I drew it using MS Word drawing tools.  It took me about 10 hours but I did it and it turned out awesome. It has the rivers, landmarks, and everything!  I also drew an Oregon Trail wagon using MS Word.  Crazy, but I learned a lot through trial and error.

Well, the past few days I've been designing and making luggage tag ID sets for my Etsy shop and needed some digital camouflage paper so I made my own!  I'm not finished with the final camo luggage tags, but the digital paper is done!   I am so tickled with myself I can't stand it!

Brand new products are HALF off for one day only in my TpT store!

Final thought for today . . . Never, never, never stop learning!


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