Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Assess Knowledge Using Exit Tickets {FREEBIE}

You've taught your lesson but how do you know what students know and still need to learn?  Use exit tickets!

Using exit tickets, students self-assess their knowledge and you can learn quickly what you need to retreach and what students have retained from the day's lesson.  Students will use the number line and plot the dot on the number that reflects their confidence learning the material on a scale from 0 to 5. Then they'll state what they learned, what they have a question about, and what they want to know more about.    Just collect the tickets and sort them into piles and you'll have some data you can use to drive your lesson planning.

I've created a simple to use set of {FREE} exit tickets, and as always, I offer lots of choices of formats for you.  I love choices and offering them to students, too.  There are 9 different choices of formats - color, no color, lined, unlined, with graphics and without.  The tickets print 4 per page for easy duplicating and cutting.    Simple yet effective!

The Exit Ticket set is FREE so head to my TpT store to download it!   Please leave a comment and rating!  Thanks so much!  I appreciate it! 


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