Thursday, March 5, 2015

Follow the Iditarod ~ It Starts Sunday 3/7/15

Are you ready to follow the Last Great Race?  The race begins in Anchorage this Sunday, March 7.
Few real life projects excite and engage students like the Iditarod.  Students choose a musher and LOVE to check their musher's race standing on the Internet.  The enthusiasm it the classroom is high and the interest is real!  Kids love adventure, the  dogs, and the state of Alaska.   As a teacher, this is where the FUN comes in!

Yes, students use the computer and then move their race marker on their desk name tag, but now you get to teach math problem solving and review daily language skills using the Iditarod theme... and guess what?   Students eagerly dig and and do the hard work!  It's awesome!

The Iditarod website has all kinds of interesting links for students to follow . . .  and they do!  They watch race videos, play games, learn musher terminology, so, so much more!

If you're a teacher and want to be part of the Iditarod, consider applying for the Teacher On the Trail! How fun would THAT be to get accepted?  Wow!

Anyway, there's still time to get your students involved.  I SO believe in this project and all it does to help students think and do lots of math and language.  If you don't have time to prepare for this unit, don't worry!  For less than the price of two small lattes, you can have the entire two weeks of materials and the unit I've created and perfected over the years.  It's in PDF and also in SMART Board format and you can have this program running first thing Monday morning, and use it every year.  All I can say is, once you teach this project, you'll look forward to March each year!  Enjoy the Iditarod!  Mush on!


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