Sunday, March 8, 2015

New! More Greek & Latin Word Stems & Roots

By popular demand, I've created 16 more lessons to teach 80 more Latin and Greek word stems and roots.   This is an extension set to my Word Masters Set 1 (100 word stems).

As a special for my blog and Facebook followers, for the next 24 hours, you can get my newest Word Masters Set 2 for HALF PRICE!  Yep!  308 pages of great materials for the price of a latte!

The set includes 80 more word stems and roots and 12 weeks of lessons.  Check it out!

I also created the new 80 words in interactive notebook format. This set comes with 80 word wall cards that print 2 per page.

If you're looking for just word stems posters, this new set has 180 word stems and roots posters, a simple definition and visual cue.  Once again, it's half off for 24 hours!  Enjoy!


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