Sunday, January 15, 2017

This Year It's All About YOU!

Hi everyone!!
Gosh it seems like ages since I’ve posted on my blog.  But it’s a new year, new me, right? ;)  Here’s to hoping!!

We’ve been super busy digging ourselves out here in Central Oregon from two feet (no kidding) of snow that we’ve gotten over the past few weeks!  As we dig out, that leaves plenty of time to think about way to improve myself and my store!  After all, my motto is… “Teach, inspire, create, and help others along the way!!” 

For reference, the fence in the picture below is 5 feet tall!
What are some products that you guys would LOVE to use in the classroom, but just don’t have time to make?  I’m hoping to reach some of you and work with you to create products that YOU can benefit from, and so can other teachers!! :) 
Mrs. Renz' Blog Search!!
What are some things that you guys would love to see and hear about on my blog?  Being a retired teacher, I have a lot of knowledge spanning from my expertise in elementary/middle school math, middle elementary grades, science.  I also have been blessed with some pretty great opportunities to grow as a teacher through several different awards (Disney Teacher, JASON Project Teacher Argonaut in Panama, Microsoft Innovative Teacher, Mt. Vernon Teacher Institute, and multiple publications).  I would love to inspire other teachers to reach for these honors and distinctions, and share my experiences with each of them if there is interest!  :)
Instagram Search!!
What would would love to see more of on Instagram??  Pictures of my adventures, our adorable Golden (I may be a little biased), Instagram-only flash sales?  You name and it, and I’d love to post what interests you the most!!
Facebook Search!!
What do you want to see more of on Facebook?  New product announcements, links to videos, inspiring quotes, new product announcements?

I am so excited to hear what YOU all want to see more of!!  Happy New Year, and I hope you guys aren’t buried in as much snow as we are!  :o

I leave you with one last photo that I LOVE taken a few nights ago of Bend, Oregon by local photographer, Holly Fischer Photography.


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