Sunday, February 5, 2017

Do Something Different on Valentine's Day! Make a Math Fractions Quilt!

Are you looking to change up your Valentine's activities?  Let's face it . . .  by the time students get to the 4th and 5th grades, they've counted and graphed conversation hearts probably several times.

How about doing something different?  Better yet, do something that taps into the creative side of the brain while reinforcing math skills. Ask students to create their own fractions quilt block design that has a pattern or symmetry and answer questions about their quilt block.

When all of the quilt blocks are made, cut them out and piece them together to make a class quilt. You can talk about how separately, we are individually unique and special but TOGETHER, we are complete.

Do you want to really hook students into learning?  Give them choices.  To differentiate, you can use forms B & C.  Form B in the set is the "D.I.Y." option and allows students to choose their own colors.  Form C gives students full control as the "Quilt Designer" and they choose the colors, decide the pattern, write questions and give an answer key.

Also, notice that there is a simple character education reminder next to the quilt block. Everyone needs reminders!

Here's an example of a quilt block FREEBIE:

You will notice the quilt block freebie in the photo is numbered 6A.  The Quilt Block Fractions math center in my TpT store has 5 different quilt designs, plus forms B and C for each.  They also include the manipulative pieces and answer keys.  Besides using this as a great math/art center, it makes the perfect stand-alone set of activities you can leave for a substitute or as a gap filler.  Easy and fun.  Best prep!

Teachers in grades 3-5, let's share other great Valentine's Day math activities!  What do you use?


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