Thursday, December 19, 2013

Amazing Opportunity for Teachers!

If you teach United States history, keep reading!  I wanted to let my teacher friends know about this incredible opportunity to attend the six day Colonial Williamsburg Teachers' Institute in Williamsburg, Virginia this summer 2014.

Learn More!

Our family loves Colonial Williamsburg!  We have visited there on two separate week-long vacations - spring break and Christmas.  Some people have said, "Oh, we went there for a day."  Our family loves history!  We spent the whole week there on both occasions.  We went in every building, read, listened to as many costumed characters, at in period restaurants, and watched plays and events of the time.  Our Christmas trip was magical!  There were lighted candles in every window and unique wreaths on every door in the town.  For history buffs like us, it was a week of immersion into the past that we loved.

Colonial Williamsburg is offering scholarships to attend their teacher institute.  This is an amazing chance for teachers in Arizona, California, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

If you teach U.S. history, check it out!

Enjoy the season!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas is a Time for Math, Language & Geography Fun & Skill Building

Students are getting excited about Christmas but have no fear!  Focus their excitement on essential skills like grammar, math concepts, and geography with these fun lessons designed to keep them on-task and learning each day!

This is a popular favorite! Students figure our the cost of the gifts given 
in the song, "The 12 Days of Christmas."
12 Days of Christmas Gift Giving Dilemma
FUN, YouTube & SMART Board Format
also in Non-SMART Board Format 

After students figure out HOW many gifts were given, 
they figure out the COST of the gifts!  
Yikes!  Math is everywhere.   :)
What's the Cost of the Christmas Gifts?  

12 Days of Math, Language & Geography Daily Starters
5 Worksheets with Answer Keys
Differentiated to challenge every student!

12 Days of Christmas Math Problems
Also in SMART Board Format

Word Grid Vocabulary Fun for Christmas Centers
5 Worksheets

Keep them FOCUSED and LEARNING at Christmas time!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Teach the Vocabulary of Math

Students today are faced with Common Core State Standards that set the bar higher than ever before.  Now, more than ever before, it is important to teach the language of math so students can be successful showing what they know on the standardized tests they will face each year.

My fourth grade team had an "ah ha" moment when we focused our data team work on improving math vocabulary.  We gave a pre-test and realized many of our students did not understand what we considered common knowledge for words like "row" and "column".  These words were essential to solving math tasks and we set to work to improve our teaching.

I created math posters that have been INVALUABLE!  The posters are posted at the top of the room and are visible from all the way across the classroom.  We refer to the vocabulary posters with examples constantly during math instruction.  It's simple to point to and look at the poster and you will notice your students use them all the time.

The post and slideshow sets help my students achieve tremendous growth on their yearly math exams.

I created two versions of math poster sets:

  • One set includes posters aligned the CCSS-M with extra supporting words included.  
  • The other set in more interactive and in PowerPoint slideshow format so you can choose a word and have it be the "Word of the Day".  The slideshow set also includes the printable posters.
On Cyber Monday & Tuesday (December 2 & 3) both versions of the poster sets are on sale for 20% off AND Teachers pay Teachers is giving an ADDITIONAL 8%.  All of the sets allow you to purchase licenses for your teaching partners for half off!  Now THAT'S a deal!

You won't find a better price on this mega set packed with content!  


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