Saturday, January 9, 2016

Help Students Love Math: Use a Math Reference Lap Book "Office"

There's so much math content to be learned by students these days.  I would venture to say that most math programs need more visuals for students.  To help students learn the concepts, give them the visual tools they need and teach them to be independent learners.  We need to give students as many tools as we can so they can look up what they don't know. I've used lots of math helper charts over the years but yesterday I created the Cadillac of all reference charts and I'm so excited to share it with teachers!    You can see the Math Lapbook Reference here on TpT.
When I began created this set, I thought about all of the formats that I could use, but I tend to go for the practical.  I consider how the item will be kept in a student desk or cubby.  File folders are perfect!  They're sleek, flat, and fit into a binder if needed.  You can laminate them if you want or cover them with clear Contac paper.  You can three-hole punch the lapbook if needed to secure it in a  binder.

The file folder lapbooks are the perfect tool if your students leave the room for math instruction. Students can simply take their folder with them!  The math lapbooks are perfect for taking home for home use with homework, too.  You might consider making one for students that stays at home and one that stays at school.

This lapbook version is perfect to hold the four pages of helper charts.  Just glue the charts in any order you want onto the faces of a file folder and students can look up what they need to know.  Voila!  Everything in one spot.

Here's a peek at the pages.  Best yet, it's in my TpT store for less than the price of a small latte.  I like to equate the value of things in relation to lattes!  ;)
Enjoy everything math!
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