Sunday, September 28, 2014

Take Attendance the SMART (Board) Way & Add Some Math!

If you are lucky to have a SMART Board, I have a brand new product that I just finished and uploaded and it's one of the activities that my fourth graders absolutely LOVED!  It's a SMART Board attendance question of the day. Students move their  name to answer the day's question.  The names that aren't moved are the student who are absent.   BUT . . . if you know me, I sneak math in to EVERYTHING I can and attendance is no exception!  Then you take the data and analyze it.

After taking the attendance, students use the day's data and compute the fraction, decimal and percent.  You can just use the questions to take attendance on those busy days.

The daily practice converting a fraction to a decimal and percent was SO helpful and my fourth grade students!  They really understood how to change fractions into decimals and decimals into percents because they'd practiced the skill every day.

These SMART Board sign ins are great to use attendance as an excuse to talk about math.  Let's use the example above.  You can ask questions like:
* What do you notice about the students who like M&M's and Skittles?  (They both have 7 students each).
* What type of candy was the favorite of the girls?  (Skittles - it had 5 girl votes)
* How many more students like Reese's than None of These?  (3 more students)
* How many girls are here today? (4 + 5 + 2 + 1 = 12 girls)
* How many boys are here today? (3 + 2 + 4 + 2 = 11 boys)
* How many students sign in today in all?  (7 + 7 + 6 + 3 = 23 students)
* If you add the students who liked M&M and Reese's together, how many votes is that? (7 + 6 = 13)
You get the idea!  The questions you can ask are endless!

What you see here is set 1 (of 3).  Set 1 has 12 weeks (60 days) of sign-in questions with student recording sheets.  Set 1 is the themed for back to school get to know you, Halloween, Thanksgiving an Christmas.  I also included a quick way to make the student names using the template in the set and you'll only do this once for the whole year.

I'm going to be working on making sets 2 & 3 soon.  They will be themed for the other holidays plus there'll be themes for Dr. Seuss' Read Across America, Geography, Valentines, Super Bowl, Easter, St. Patrick's, Earth Week, Book Genres, Genetic Traits, Olympics, etc.

Check it out! I've got it on sale through Tuesday.

Sneak some math into YOUR attendance!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

5th Grade Math Journal with 130 Prompts: Show Student Thinking

Hi friends.  Jamie Sears and I have just finished a collaborative math project that we know 5th grade teachers are going to love!

It's a math journal that has five different prompts for each of the CCSS-M standards for a total of 130 prompts.  The set comes with and without clip art and has a journal cover all ready to print and use.  Best of all, it's on SALE until Monday!
Enjoy everything math!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

3 FREEBIES - for a few hours only!

Hey friends!  The New Orleans Saints won their game today so Erin at Lovin' Lit is giving away 3 flash freebies and one of them is mine!  Go grab them in the next few hours before they're gone!

To get my football math uniform freebie, go to Erin's blog, click the image you see below and you will download the file right from Google Drive.  Easy!
This is my freebie.  I will add it as a paid item to my my TpT store after the give away! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Kokanee Spawning Saturday in September

How did you spend your Saturday?  Mine was spent watching Kokanee spawn.
September is my favorite time of year in Central Oregon.  It's the one time of year you can stand on the riverbank and watch Kokanee spawn in inches of water just a few feet away.  In case you didn't know, Kokanee are landlocked Sockeye Salmon.  Watching the fish spawn is amazing and if you've ever witnessed it, you'll want to watch this incredible event every year.

This is a perfect time to connect curriculum like watersheds, habitats, food chains and food webs, life cycle, and water quality to real life.

I've been fortunate to be connected with the program called the Kokanee Karnival. Local fishing club volunteers in conjunction with our Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Deschutes National Forest (among others),  developed a program that teaches local students about this precious resource.  Each year, my students participated in a year of fish-related activities.

In the fall, students took a field trip and spent the day watching Kokanee spawn in the wild, and then participated in three stations called the Incredible Journey (life cycle), Nature's Restaurant (food chains), and the Comforts of Home (habitat).  They also visited a fish hatchery and learned how the fish are raiseded for release into lakes, rivers, and streams.

Also in the fall (or sometimes spring), we incubated Rainbow Trout in the classroom and released them.  Students observed progress, journaled, recorded data, and drew sketches as the fish grew from eyed egg stage to fry to smolt.  Students measured the water temperature and pH an calculatde the temperature units needed for the fish to grow.  We read stories, watched educational videos, learned about man's impact upon the fish, and watched for current events involving fish.

Spring brought the Angling Clinic, where students participated in an Angler Education program an attended a culminating event where they learned at stations about water safety, fish anatomy, knot tying, what's in a tackle box, and learned about ethics and rules.  In the afternoon, students got to go fishing with a mentor volunteer in a pond that had been stocked with hundreds of Rainbow Trout just for this event.  For many students, it was their first experience fishing and possibly they start of a lifelong hobby.

Also in the spring student teams dissect a salmon or trout and identify all of the body organs.  This is another highlight of the year and the excitement in the air is contagious.

Students loved learning and remember their year of fish-related studies.  For me, I love the Saturdays I get to spend watching Kokanee spawn in September.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saints Victory Freebie and Lovin' Lit!

Hey everyone!  I'm super excited to work with Erin from Lovin' Lit to offer you a great FREEBIE when the New Orleans Saints win their first game of the season!  Erin calls these freebies "Saints Victory Freebies."  These freebies are offered FREE FOR ONLY 1 HOUR UP TO 24 HOURS!  My freebie will be the FIRST of these exclusives to be offered from Erin's blog (big smile), so stay tuned!

For years, Erin has offered her followers these exclusive flash freebies after each Saints victory.  Like everything Erin does, she is going all out and teaming up with two different TpT sellers each week to give you not one, not two, but THREE FREEBIES each victory day!
Click to Get the FREEBIES (when the Saints win!)
To catch the freebies before they expire, watch Erin's blog and Erin's Facebook page and look for the posts within an hour of each Saints victory. I'll also keep you updated on my freebie on my Facebook page as well!

After the victory promotion is over, I will be posting my item to my TpT store, but it will be a paid item, so get it while it's FREE!  Go Saints!

Here's another Oregon / Louisiana connection... I'm an Oregon State University grad (so is my husband and daughter) and the OSU Beavers football team grad, Brandin Cooks #10 was drafted by the Saints!  Another reason to cheer on the Saints!  
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