Monday, June 30, 2014

July Currently

I can't believe it's July already!  That means great sunny weather with lots of family time, and trips to Las Vegas for the TpT Conference and to Maine to help our daughter move in to her house for grad school.

I am officially retired and am probably going to be busier than ever now!  I'm excited to get to spend time creating more teaching materials that will help save teachers time.  So excited!
Listening:  My daughter and I like watching The Bachelorette (and Bachelor) together. I'll sure miss her when she goes to Maine in August and I have to watch it by myself!

Loving:  I "officially" retired from working 8 am - 4 pm BUT not from staying connected and making products for teachers!  This means I get to work for myself...on my own schedule...on my own time and I am SO EXCITED!  I will probably seriously be busier than ever now but I LOVE IT!

Thinking:  I am super excited to attend the TpT Conference in Vegas next week!  Yikes.  It's coming up so quickly.  I can't wait to listen to the amazing teachers I've been blogging with and following.  

Wanting:  Our Golden is a sweetheart and is so smart but he uses that to his advantage!  It's time to get serious about training him to come when WE want him to...not when HE wants to!

Needing:  When our daughter moves out and heads from Oregon to Maine for grad school (physical therapy) she will be gone for three years and possibly forever.  We have to do a serious clean out. This summer is it!

4th Plans:  My family will all come over for a big BBQ at our house and we'll hang out on the back deck spending time together.  Maybe we'll head to the main street of town for the annual 4th of July parade wearing some red, white and blue.

So, how about You?  What are YOU doing currently?  Head over to Oh Boy Fourth Grade and link up!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Calling All Teachers Who Love Being Organized!

For many teachers, you're experiencing the joys of summer break; a much needed time to relax, recoup, rejuvenate, and recharge your batteries.

I've been busy getting my teacher binders all ready for the new year and have just put them on sale for the weekend.

There's the simple version in PDF format to print and assemble your binder and there's the customizable sets for those of you (like me) who love to personalize and type into the forms.  There's lots of choices in the sets I've made.  Check them out!   I am excited to offer them to you. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Full STEAM Ahead!

You've heard of STEM? {Science Technology, Engineering & Math}

How about STEAM?  {Science Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math}

The Create2014: Creativity in Education Institute will be held in this week in Knoxville, TN on June 23-26, 2014.  Hannah Louderback is presenting a workshop session that demonstrates the importance of integrating the arts into other subjects like vocabulary acquisition.  Hannah uses my Word Masters Program.   :)
Word Masters is an awesome year-long vocabulary building program that helps students learn to unlock the meaning of words using the Greek and Latin stems and roots.

I am featuring Word Masters for 20% off during the conference.  Additional licenses for your teaching team are half price.  Thanks, Hannah, for sharing how you use Word Masters!


Monday, June 16, 2014

The Ultimate Teacher Binder is Here!

Do you like to be organized and enjoy a cute looking binder?  Look no further!  
Here it is!    And . . .this set is on sale for the first 3 days!
I'm super excited to announce that I just uploaded my newest creation, The Ultimate Editable Teacher Binder!  It is ready for the 2014-2015 year as well as 2015-2016.  There are also 28 essential teacher forms that you can edit and personalize with MS Word.
Click here to see details
Also included in the set are LOTS of colors and choices of binder covers that you can add your own text to using MS Powerpoint.

This set allows you to personalize your teacher binder and save the forms for re-use every year.  That saves you time and money!

Can you tell I'm excited about this set?  lol  I am in Mexico as I write this, sitting by the pool and vowed not to begin my novel until I completed this set.  :)  I'll be reading my daughter's recommendation, "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green.   Once I'm finished, we're going to go see the movie together.

If you see a form you'd like included in the set, just email me and I'll make it and add it to the set.  I want this to be your ULTIMATE TEACHER BINDER!  Enjoy the binder!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Now THAT'S Real Writing!

Teachers strive to help their students become great writers.  Last night the Oregon State Beavers played and lost their final season game 4-2 against UC-Irvine in the 2014 NCAA Baseball Championships, Corvallis Regional.  The Beavers' top ranking season is over and dreams to play at Omaha are dashed.  Players graduate, never to play on the grass at Goss Stadium ever again.  What has this got to do with writing?  {Keep reading!}

I 'm an Oregon State alumni and huge Beavers fan.  AS a matter of fact, I met my husband there, and our daughter also graduated from OSU last June.  She said, "Mom, you have to read this post . . . and read it all the way to the end."  I am SO glad I did and I encourage you to read it, also.  {Keep reading!}

The story written by Jason Quick for Oregon Live is a must-read.  I mean it; read it all the way to the end, even if you aren't a fan of baseball.  Seriously!  As I read the article with tears streaming down my face, I thought, this piece of writing should be used to instruct students about what great writing sounds like and what a writer's "voice" should sound like.  {Keep reading!}

After reading this piece, I felt compelled to email the journalist and tell him what I thought.  Wow.  His work is inspiring and moving.  {Keep reading!}

No more teasers for you!  Click below to read the article.  Teachers, how will YOU use Jason Quick's words to inspire your students?  {Keep reading!}
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