Saturday, August 23, 2014

Name Plates in Editable Format for Older Students

Hey friends!  If you're like me, you like to type instead of handwrite student names into desk name plates.

I wanted to let you know that I just uploaded a new set of student name plates that are editable using PowerPoint!

I'm pretty excited to offer you the ability to use YOUR fonts and customize the student names and quickly type and print name plates.  There are 6 themed choices AND come with lines or no lines.  These name plates have handy math reminders.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

5 Sale Item Must-Haves Aug. 20 Only!

The BIG TpT sale is on!  If you use the promo code BOOST, everything in my store is 28% off! Now is your change to grab some great teaching materials.  Click "Custom Categories" to find materials quickly.

Here are my 5 back to school must have favorites (and a FREEBIE):

#1   If you want an awesome, cute and organized binder in minutes that you can edit in MS Word, check out my Ultimate Fully Editable Binder. It is LOADED with 26 forms to keep you super organized.

#2  Mastery Club is wildly popular!  Thousands of teachers are using Mastery Club at grades 1-8 to challenge their students to learn something new.  The Hall of Fame Wall is a great incentive for students and this program is EASY to run.  Parents love it, too!

#3  I want my students to run our class bank and manage all of the financial duties associated with it.  I can't teach without having a Classroom Economy in place.  

#4   Teaching about famous people is a great way to incorporate all kinds of writing tasks as well as sneak in a public speaking task. My Biography Project has everything needed (including my website links) to write a file folder report and have students dress up and give their speech. Use the entire 6-week project or customize it to fit your needs.  I love this project and so do the students and parents.

#5   Is it Christmas is August?  :)  I know its early to be thinking about Christmas, but now is a great time to stock up on my 12 Days of Christmas Math Problem Solving Dilemma.  It's a fun SMART Board format lesson that students love.  

FREEBIE!  I love this Math Helper Chart!  It's perfect for students to keep in their journal.

Happy shopping! Don't forget to use the promo code BOOST!
300 × 300

Monday, August 18, 2014

4th Grade Math Journal Prompts to Show Student Thinking

I'm soooo excited to announce that the collaborative project I've been working on with the oh so talented Jamie Sears from Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher is now in my TpT store!

This 4th Grade Math Journal set has 5 prompts to help you assess EVERY 4th grade math standard!  there are 140 prompts in all designed to have students defend their answers and explain the steps they took to solve the problem.

For the first two days, you can grab it for 20% off!  Check it out and download the preview to get 5 FREE prompts.
Math Journal With 5 Prompts for EVERY 4th Grade Standard

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don't Miss the LAST CHANCE Back to Sale Aug. 20!

You might have heard that TpT is offering one last sponsored sale on Wed. August 20.  If you missed the last sale, you're in luck!  Our schools in Oregon head back usually after Labor Day, so the last sale caught many teachers still on vacation.  This upcoming sale is a great opportunity to pick up all the items on your wish lists. EVERYTHING from my store on sale for a total of 28% off when you use the code BOOST. Everything on TpT is at least 10% off and many sellers mark their items up to 20% off when TpT sponsors the sales.   I just know that when TpT sponsors a sale, that's when I stock up and buy great materials, fonts, clip art sets and more.
I'm linking up with Jivey to let you know what I bought at the last sale, what's on my wish list for the next sale, and what in my store that is a must-have item at the Back to School Boost - a Second Chance Sale in a few days.

One Item I Bought at the last BTS Sale:  I bough Erin Cobb's Interactive Notebook Templates.  I'm super excited to use these templates in some of my upcoming products!  Check out Erin's store, I'm Lovin' Lit.

One Item On My Wish List for the Second Chance Sale:  I am always searching for cute clip art so I have this cute set from Graphics from the Pond.  I might have a clip art addiction!  lol
What's In My Store That You Must Have:  I can't say enough about how I love my Word Masters program!  My 4th graders and their families loved it, too.  If you want a Greek & Latin word stems and roots program that helps students unlock the meaning of words, this set is for you!  Students will learn 100 word stems and roots.  You'll get 20 PowerPoint slideshows that introduce the words and students will do lots of activities to help them learn the stems and roots.  You'll get 20 word stem tests and a mid year and final test.  Check it out in my store and be sure to download the preview to see all of the pieces of this set.
Word Masters for Grades 4-8
I love a sale and I know you do, too, so don't miss this last BIG sale and remember to use the promo code BOOST.  I forgot to use the promo code during one of the sales!
Happy back to school!

Friday, August 15, 2014

4th Grade Math Journal Prompts

Update!  The 4th grade math journal is now published!

Hey friends!  BIG NEWS!  I am super excited to announce that the amazing Jamie Sears has invited me to work with her on a collaborative project.  We are making a 4th grade math journal that is full of Common Core aligned math prompts that will get your fourth grader writing and explaining their mathematical thinking!

Be watching for it to come to my TpT store soon!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Give Away Winner!

It's FINALLY time to announce the winner of a free product of their choice from my TpT Store!  But before I do that, I want to thank everyone who entered in the give away!  I really appreciate all of you.  I hope you keep coming back and checking in.  You never know, there may be a give away in the future.
Raffle Copter chose a random winner, and the winner is.....  Drumroll please........
Congratulations to Laura G!

August: Currently Moving (Literally)

It's back to school time for many teachers and it's time to link up with this month's currently from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade.

LISTENING to the silence without TV or Internet.  First thing this morning, lucky us . . . we have no access to anything need a TV, cable, or Internet signal. So, what do I do with my morning?  I guess I'll sit on the deck and listen to the silence our living in the country and watch the horses graze.

LOVING the warmth of Oregon's summer days and our cool summer nights.  After visiting Las Vegas last month where it can stay into the 90's all night, I think I'll keep our place here in the high desert with temps in the 50's at night.

THINKING of how I'm going to get my daughter and myself checked in for our flight to Maine today with an Internet connection and to do last minute online bill paying.  Hmmm

WANTING things to go smoothy with my daughter's move to graduate school, new apartment, new roommates, and a new state.  We're so proud of Hill for  being accepted to University of New England's Physical Therapy Doctoral program.  :)

NEEDING to get back online!  Wow, it's crazy how our lives get so tied up with technology .  I'll be the first caller at 8 am when our cable company opens.

1ST DAY:   This is my first year  being retired and stepping out of the classroom.  I have to admit, it's super scary to give up the profession I've poured my heart and soul into tirelessly for the past 34 years. But, at the same time, it's kind of nice not having to gather up all the school supplies I can during the back to school sales.  This year, I'll be able to work at my own pace from where ever I want creating TpT teaching materials for other teachers.  Heck yes, I'll miss my students like crazy and also my teacher buddies.  Now I'll focus all that energy to help other teachers who are doing the most important profession on the planet!  Thank you for your dedication!  YOU make a difference in the life of a child.

P.S.  Our Internet is back on so I can finally get this published, get ourselves checked in for the flight and all those last minute things I have to do!   Life is GOOD!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

28% Off for YOU for Back to School!

Hey teachers!  It's the biggest TpT sale and I'm pitching in to help you get your year off to a great start!  Today and tomorrow, Aug. 4 & 5, you will save 28% off EVERYTHING in my TpT store!  Yes, EVERYTHING!

Save 28% off all of my teaching materials!
Be sure to click the topic you're looking for under "Custom Categories."  I've got 145 products to make your teaching life easier!  If you find something that works well with students, use it and spend your precious time on another aspect of your job.  We all work WAY too hard not to share what works with kids!
Have a great new school year and thank you for choosing most important job on the planet!
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