Sunday, February 9, 2014

George Washington ~ Inspiration for Us All

George Washington was a leader of character.  While serving on Grand Jury duty this fall, I passed by this quote that is inspiring.  As we approach February 22, George Washington's birthday, we can use Washington's words to teach character to our students.
George Washington's Thoughts About Serving

I created a great set that I am offering on TpT that I think is an incredible resource for teachers.  I spent a week living on the grounds of George Washington's Mount Vernon estate during the Mount Vernon Teachers' Institute.  While there, I took over 500 photos and compiled and captioned the best into a slideshow so students can see his estate.  My week living on our first president's estate was life changing.
A Great Way to Reinforce Multiplication and Addition!
I also think teaching area and perimeter is an excellent way to reinforce not only multiplication and division (area), but addition and subtraction (the perimeter portion).  And it's WAY more fun!

I am working to create new materials that help teach more about George Washington and his character. There is a reason George Washington was the only U.S. President to receive every electoral vote!

Teach history!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mush On!

Are you getting ready to follow the Last Great Race?  The Iditarod begins March 1, 2014.  Each year I look forward to this time so not only can we follow the mushers' progress on the trail each day but I like to use the Iditarod as an excuse to tie in some math problem solving (Musher Math) and much needed review with capitalization, spelling, and punctuation (Musher Language).

New Materials Added 2/9/14   93 pages of materials!

The set has 2 weeks (10 class days) of daily Musher Math and Musher Language activities that students will complete.  Each day's lesson is in printable PDF format and ALSO in SMART Board format.  The SMART Board file included is 40 pages and interactive for students to write answers each day. 

Students will also make a special desk name tag with place marker to move as their musher travels the trail each day.   I added a set of dogs and dogs sled for students to color for their nametag. 

A special website link is provided in the set giving you and your students direct access to Iditarod statistics and other Iditarod sites appropriate for your students.  

Students eagerly dig in and work on the math and language activities when you make it fun!

25 days and counting down to March 1!

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