Thursday, January 29, 2015

February FREEBIE: A February Calendar You Can Type Into! {Editable PDF}

Hi everyone!  It's time for a FREEBIE to make your life more organized {and FUN}!

This editable PDF February 2015 calendar keeps you organized in a big way.  Just click into the cells and type what YOU want!  All of the formatting stays locked in place but instead of handwriting on a PDF, you can TYPE into the calendar and print a beautiful, clean copy!

This is an example of what your calendar can look like:

These calendars are so versatile!  Use it as a parent communication tool.  Use it in your teacher binder.  Use it as a student behavior tracking form.  Use it at home as a chore chart.  Use it to send home student homework and project dates.  Use it to record when students are out of the room.  The possibilities are endless!

This February FREEBIE is one month of my full year editable PDF calendar set:
Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Martin Luther King, Jr. FREEBIES (3)

I created these three pr ducts to use this week with a class of 3rd and 4th graders so I'm putting them out there for you for FREE to use if you'd like.  

There are 3 free products :
  1)  A BINGO game designed for students to share a fact relating the word drawn (4 pages PDF)
  2)  A writing activity where students can share their dream - includes 2 pages of lined writing paper,  a page for illustrating and a journal cover - 4 pages PDF
  3)  A bulletin board title that says "DREAM BIG!" (9 pages PDF)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Story Behind the Logo (and a Little Bit More)

I'm linking up with Art with Jenny K. for her fun blog hop about the story behind the logo.
I'm most known for my little red schoolhouse logo on my teacher and student website, Mrs.  I began my classroom website in the year 2000.  I've been an upper grades and math teacher for most of my career and started my website as a place to park the great teaching ideas and resources so I could find them easily.  The same is true for all of the great student websites that encouraged students to strengthen their academic skills through what they thought was play.  I taught 4th grade at Vern Patrick Elementary School and Tom McCall Elementary School and my website was being used all over the world by students an teachers alike.
When I transitioned to a new position as Academic Achievement Specialist within my district, I knew I wanted to start blogging so I could share with teachers in a different way.  If sharing and helping had colors, they would be bright and fun and that's what I chose for my newly designed blog logo that I am using today.  I love color (especially purple) and am a teacher at heart so my blog and TpT logo needed to reflect that.  This is the first rendition for my blog logo:
I eventually admitted that I was out of my league when it comes to graphic design on the computer so I got in touch with Kassie of Designs by Kassie, and fell in love with her very first draft!  I love,love, love my logo!
To be honest, I resisted joining TpT for years after I first heard about it because I shared so much with teachers for free on my website that it just felt wrong to charge money.  I shared my materials on the web and with teacher friends near and far. Our profession is one that should encourage cooperation and collaboration.  Years ago, I said that we (all teachers) should have a national clearing house with a searchable database where we could all park our best ideas to help other teachers.  After hearing about Deanna Jump's success, I had to be realistic and change my mind when our daughter decided that three years of grad school was in her future so we could afford to help her follow her dream to become physical therapist.

I opened my TpT store in the summer of 2012 and am having so much fun creating materials to share!  Of course, I had to add lots of value with each item I sell.  I wish TpT had a latte-themed price structure with so I could market my materials as a "small latte price" or a "2-latte price. " My TpT materials are packed with all of the extras I can think of that teachers would ever need when using the item, so I hope that teachers believe they get a great value buying my materials.

So that's my story (and a little bit more)!  What's yours?  Join the linky fun!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

BE the change!

I love this quote.  It lets us remember the we all make a difference!

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