Monday, July 13, 2015

TpT Fun at the Las Vegas Conference 2015

Hey teacher TpT seller friends!  Did you make it to the TpT 2015 Conference in Las Vegas?  If you did, your head is probably swimming with all the amazing people and blogging buddies you connected with and all the thing you learned!  If you missed the conference, you missed a GREAT time, so put it on your calendar right now for next year!
Here's some photos and memories from the conference.  Thanks to The Elementary Entourage for creating this fun linky!
TpT Vegas 2015!   What a whirlwind of learning, connecting, laughing and smiling for two full days!
Since seven is a lucky Vegas number here's my seven takeaways from the Vegas conference:
1.  You will ENJOY the conference and all of the amazing people that are part of Team TpT!
Be prepared for TpT Vegas conference fun, fun, fun!  You'll connect and reconnect with so many amazing people and TpT staff members.  Connect with others and collaborate!  You'll meet Adam, the CEO, and Paul, TpT's founder, and Amy from the TpT Seller Community.
And if you're lucky like this group, we got to give Amy her job title!  That's right!  The choice was unanimous!  The vote was I think 1,000 to zero that Amy's title be "Director of Seller Happiness."  What company has an executive with a job title like that?  Yep!  TpT!   :) 
 Get social!
2.  You will LEARN a ton of hints and tips from super nice presenters!  Thank you to all of the sellers who helped us all grow and learn from you.  Sometimes you will get amazing gifts from the presenters like Erin Cobb!  She gave every attendee this amazing planner!  I'm going to fill it up with my goals, plans, notes and schedules. Being organized is key.
3.  You will EAT great food and maybe way too much of it!  Carlo's Bakery (from the Cake Boss) is here. Eat a cannoli for sure!  You can eat anytime of the day and night.  It's crazy!
4.  You will WALK your feet off!  (see the last photo above!)  I had knee surgery in April and Vegas proved to be too much walking for a recovering knee.  The first day, my FitBit said I walked 8 miles and we didn't really get to hardly any places at all that day.  Things look so close but they're so far away.  Note to self... be sure you haven't had recent surgery before the 2016 conference.

5.  You will LAUGH so much your face will hurts!  (But that's a good thing!)   :)  We had a 2-hour time to meet with other teachers so I met up with the grades 3-5 teachers (see photos above) and it was great to laugh and get to know blogging buddies and other teacher friends we only usually "see" online.  Here's a few of the people I was thrilled to meet and reconnect with in person:  Kathie from Tried and True Teaching Tools, Deb Hanson from Crafting Connections, Jessica from Ideas by Jivey, Martina from The Hungry Teacher, Kelly from AppleSlices, Michelle from The 3 AM Teacher Designs, Meghan (Farley) from Oh Boy Fourth Grade, Diane from Fifth in the Middle, Erin Cobb from Lovin' Lit, Jenny K from Art With Jenny K, Rachel Lynette from Minds in Bloom, Jonathan and Lisa from Created for Learning, Vanessa and Nathan from Educationholics Resources, and my blog buddies Melissa Yglesias from More Time 2 Teach, Meg from The Teacher Studio, Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper, Layla from Fancy Free in 4th, Jamie Sears from Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher, and Melissa from Jungle Learners, Lisa from LisaTeachR's Classroom, Michelle from Savvy Scaffolds, Carla from Comprehension Connection, Susan from Lopez Land Learners, Suzanne from Krazy Town, Gay from from Gay Miller Book Units Teacher, Teresa from Confessions of a Teaching Junkie, Sarah from More Than a Worksheet, Carmela from Diary of a Teachaholic, Nancy from The Apple Basket Teacher,  Maria from Everyone DeServes to Learn, Dorlisa from Top Priority Teaching and SO many more!

6.  You will LOVE it if your family can come with you to enjoy all that Vegas has to offer!  Last year my daughter came with me and attended the sessions but this year my husband came with me and he spent the days at the Bass Pro Flagship Store and he did all the "guy" stuff he wanted and hung out at the pool then me me after the conference each day and we found dinner spots.  It was a win-win!
7.  If you're LUCKY, you might be the winner of the TpT Vegas Scavenger Hunt!  We had to do a bunch of tasks and get to know you's using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  It was a blast doing the challenges and I spent lots of time searching for the elusive gold glittery sign but I found it at last and took the required photo.   :)  Challenge completed! 
So... my advice is, if you're a TpT teacher-seller, GO to Vegas!  You won't regret it!  See you in Vegas in 2017!  

Click HERE to see more Vegas blog posts and don't miss my photos and fun from the 2014 TpT Conference!  Viva Las Vegas!
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