Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Guiding Readers and Writers - It's What's On My Bookshelf

I'm linking up with The Literacy Maven to share what's on my teacher bookshelf.  Please excuse the well used book photos but that's the sign of a book that's tried, tested, and used as a must-have reference.
I'm talking about the book, Guiding Readers and Writers, by Fountas and Pinnell.   I took a professional development course from the authors and it was time well spent.  Let me tell you, this book is the Bible of teaching literacy and it's a must-have for your professional bookshelf.  Any teacher new to the profession would love this structure that this program provides to your literacy program. I only wished I'd learned of this book when I first got my teaching degree but, hey, better late than never!  You're never too old to learn!
My grandma used to write notes in her cookbooks (which I cherish and now have) and I learned from her to write notes all over my books!  When you need that page or chart right away, you can find it.  Who cares if it's not pristine.  It's got history and I love that.  I also have sticky notes that are faded over the years of use that I just can't replace with new ones.   It just wouldn't be the same!

Be sure to check out chapter 9 for "Getting Started: the First 20 Days of Independent Reading.  It's great stuff!  I love this book!
Below is a photo of the title page that has publisher information.  I'm not earning anything for promoting this book for the company, but I just love the book and want you to be able to find it if you're interested.  Here's their website.

So now it's YOUR turn.  Leave me a comment to let me know what's on YOUR bookshelf!  Join the linky fun and share what works for you! 
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