Monday, May 23, 2016

3,000 Follower Give Away Thank You Celebration

In celebration of 3,000 amazing TpT followers, I want to thank all of YOU who make this possible.  Two lucky winners will receive the product of their choice from my TpT store for FREE! One giveaway is on Facebook and one on Instagram.  Make sure you enter both for your best chance to win!!  :)

Hurry on over because the contest is open May 24 to May 28 at 9 pm PST.  The winner will be announced on Facebook and Instagram on May 29 by 7 pm PST. 

** Bragging Time!  I have to say I LOVE my personal avatar with my dog designed just for me by Caboose Designs!  The Golden Retriever looks JUST like my dog!  Head to her store to see her beautiful and creative artwork.  She's a new graphics seller so be sure to follow her because she's just getting started!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Currently May 2016

All good things must come to an end, and Farley's Currently is one of them.  I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Farley for hosting her Currently all these years!  This fun blog linky party has become a monthly favorite to connect teachers. It's a time to laugh and appreciate that teachers have a real life outside of the classroom.  It's been fun getting to know so many of you!  So for that, I thank you, Farley!  (((Hugs)))

Here's what I've been up to:
Listening:  After 33 years in the classroom, I get the fun of working and creating from my living room and the Today Show is always on first thing in the morning while I work.  Someday I will be holding a sign in NYC as I visit the show in real life.

Loving:  I love getting outside kayaking.  It fuels my soul!  This is a photo of our trip yesterday through the basalt canyons of Lake Billy Chinook near our home.  We paddled between 6 and 8 miles up a river that feeds the lake on a 75ish temperature day.
Thinking:  Teachers have enjoyed Farley's Currently linky for YEARS.  It's been a staple beginning of the month way to connect with other teachers.  It's ending, and I totally get that.  It's time to give a huge thank you to Farley.  You're awesome!

Wanting: I have so much TpT work to do and it's time for students to begin recording their memories. I've made memory books with my students and added all kinds of photos to the books over the year we spent together.  I'm updating all of my memory books and am more than half way there!  All of the most popular choices are finished.  I need to keep working!

Needing:  Our (only) daughter will graduate next May as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and her dad and I couldn't be prouder!  We offered to plan a graduation trip somewhere for her and a friend to celebrate her hard work.  She turned right around and said she wanted my hubby and me to join her.  I just love that kid!   We're so proud of her.

Truth:  Speaking in front of adults is not my favorite thing to do!  I can do it, but it's not fun for me.  I love teaching kids and can be as silly as I need to be get students excited about learning.  But put me in front of adults and I become the shy kid in the room!  You'll never see me presenting at conferences!  I'm quite happy to share what worked for me in my classroom with other teachers through TpT.  :)

Join in the linky fun!  Thanks, once again, Farley!  We love you!

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