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Do you have challenging students? Are you wanting to spend more time teaching and less time managing behaviors?  Have your tried everything and nothing seems to work?  If so, I can help you!

My name is Heather Renz, and I'm a newly retired 4th grade teacher.  Here in Oregon I've managed some pretty challenging students with great success during my 34 years teaching.  To me, anything under 30 was a small class size. Bright students are easy to challenge, enrich and teach, but I got the most satisfaction working with the students, with let's just say, less than perfect behavior. These are the students who lacked motivation and attention. Have you got any of those students in your class?  I also taught blended and looping classes (4/5 and 5/6) which made me teach outside the box even more.

My teaching materials reach the standards in a different way. They focus on giving students choices and independence by using projects and activities that put them in charge of their own learning.

I am giving back by sharing what worked for me with you.  I want to help you love your job!  Yes, LOVE!
During my career, these are some of the recognitions I was honored to receive: *Disney Teacher Award Honoree *Microsoft's First Worldwide Innovative USA Teacher *Intel Innovative Teacher *JASON Project Teacher Argonaut, Panama Expedition *Mount Vernon Teachers Institute Recipient from Oregon *Mount Vernon Lesson Plan of the Year *OnPoint Credit Union Excellence in Education Award *Featured in the book, One-On-One with America's Most Inspiring Teachers *Featured in the book, Teaching with the Internet K-12: New Literacies for New Times *Redmond Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year

We (teachers) have the most important job there is and we only have one chance to get it right for our students.

I'm sharing hints and tips on my blog and am here to help you enjoy your profession as much as I enjoyed mine. Join my email list (over there in the right hand column) and visit my TpT store to see the materials I used that worked for me. 

I'd love to hear from you!


Courtney said...

Oh my gosh! Today, I was looking at my new followers on my blog. I couldn't believe when I saw Mrs. Renz was following. Let me give you a little background. When I first started my teaching journey, I read your other blog ALL THE TIME. I got a new computer for my masters graduation and none of my bookmarks transferred. So, I lost a lot of my GREAT blog finds. I am so excited to find you again. Eeeek! Thank you for following me! Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Heather Renz said...

Hey Courtney! Aw, you are so sweet! I'm so glad to reconnect with you, too! Your blog is awesome and we all have great things to learn from each other. Keep blogging!
~Heather :)

Kathie @Tried and True Teaching Tools said...

Hi Heather!! So excited to find you, too! Your passion for teaching is contagious & I LOVE that you've been teaching for 30+ years and still excited!! (I'm at 27 years in the classroom and can't imagine ever leaving!) Looking forward to learning from you!

Flamingos and Butterflies said...

Love your blog! Your website was my go-to when I first started in 2005! Thank you for all that you share. You have made such a difference to so many teachers!

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