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Head on over to my TpT store and click the category FREEBIES of the left of the page to find great teaching materials.
Are you looking for away to connect art with math that works great during Valentine's week? Students love coloring and creating designs.  Here's my latest math/art FREEBIE.  It uses geometric shapes. The other is a fractions quilt block perfect for Valentine's Day. 

I know you can use some free clip art image tally marks.  I have tally marks in other colors if that's what you're looking for.  Here's the link to the mega set of tallies
Here's a great Polygon Family Tree that's a 6-page PDF set to help students lean the names of 2-D shapes and to learn to classify and sort them by common attributes. It's a simple and effective reference.  It comes with definition cards, also. 

The full version of Mastery Club is used by thousands of teachers in grades 1-8 worldwide.
If you teach Greek and Latin word stems and roots, this is a must have program!  Check out this week-long FREE set!
This is a super neat folded memory book that takes only one sheet of paper and has a note from the teacher you can insert into the book as a goodbye message.  This prints back to back and works for many grade levels. 
Here's a great math helper chart for intermediate grade students.  It's in color as well as black & white. Grab it in my "Free!" section of my TpT store.
I now offer a super cool math reference chart in lap book format that I know your students will really find helpful. This is priced less than a small latter for teachers.  

Here's a peek at the lap book format.  Click the link to see all of the previews on TpT. 
I now have a reference chart bundle of 4 subjects:  
ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies Reference Charts!
Classroom policies template great for the beginning of the year to get the year off to a great start.
Looking for a holiday game that's real purpose is to practice multiplication facts?  Play this free Holiday Math-o.
Here's some cute holiday themed teacher note paper so you can send messages in style.
Here's a TpT Freebie that's a big favorite of students. This is just a small glimpse of my Independent Poetry unit.  The five senses poem is a perfect fit to go along with my Independent Poetry Unit.  It is also great all on its own to get kids excited about writing poetry.  Give it a try, after all it's free!! :)
For Veterans' Day, here's some paper with a patriotic theme perfect to use to thank a Veteran.  Each year around Veteran's Day I would have my students write letters to local Veterans.  The students loved the project.  They really appreciated giving their letter to someone who really appreciated it.  This paper would also be great for a summer writing journal about the 4th of July.  It gives students a place to write as well as draw (and for some students the fact that they get to draw after they are done writing makes all the difference!).

Use that pretty blue Facebook button at the top of the page to hop on over to my Facebook page and grab a Facebook only freebie!  Everyone who "Likes" my Facebook page can download the freebie!  It a super cute behavior clip chart.  Enjoy!


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