Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Fraction-Of" a Turkey Freebie & Something New!

Hi friends! I wanted to share a fun freebie I made just in time for Thanksgiving. Students count and color the fraction of the turkey's circles. Simple and fun!  Grab it in my TpT store HERE.
While I'm logged in to my blog, I can't resist telling you about a neat interactive math window flap math vocabulary product I uploaded just uploaded now.  It's for 4th grade and includes 280 vocabulary words all organized and color coded (of course!).  I included the word, the definition and space for students to draw and write an example that shows they know the word meaning.  It's designed to be fast to cut and glue into student notebooks. Take a peek at one of the pages and see what you think.  For more capable students, you can choose not to use the pre-printed definitions and have students write their own definitions.  Personally, I want students to know the exact meaning.  I'm most interested in how they can show understanding of the word by writing or drawing an example.  Click HERE to see the Flap Book in my TpT store.

Enjoy teaching the language of math!


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